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By McKenzie7pm



I admire you lots.

You have fought hard in the military,

And fought hard for our family.

Our family appreciates what you do for us, and all.

The time goes by fast, especially because we share a birthday.

Tick-Toc, Tick-Toc, Tick-Toc.

We grow by the minute.

Tick-Toc, Tick-Toc, Tick-Toc.

We sit by the fire,

Lay in the grass awake,

Watching the stars awake.

But no matter what in the universe happens,

We will always be together.

Tick-Toc, Tick-Toc.

“The Mind”

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“The Mind”

By McKenzie7pm


The mind wants us to think.

Think about life, love, books, yourself.

Your mind works 24-7.

Sleeping or not.


Life sees many.

Many sees you.

You see life.

Life sees you.

Get it?


Work, work, work, work, work.

Like chambers of clocks working the time.

Tick-Toc, Tick-Toc, Tick-Toc.

The mind works in so many ways of life.

Memories locked in cabinets that will be locked and unlocked many times.

The mind works in many ways.

Think, write, talk, see, hear, smell, feel.

But only one beats all.


“Dear Cooter”

SAMSUNG This picture belongs to me.

“Dear Cooter”

By McKenzie7pm


Dear Cooter,

I miss you much.

Where did you leave to?

Paris? Bahamas? Ireland? Greece?

Where!? Tell me! Wait, I remember.

You died. January 11th 2015.

It was sad. Watching you. Buring you. Writing a letter to you.

How is heaven?

Did you meet any girl dogs like dad said?

How many sons or daughters do you have?

How is your sister Daisy? Flash? Ziggy?!

You remember Ziggy?

My little black cat?

I really miss when you knocked me down when I was little, and throwing snowballs for you.

I miss you.

Everyone does.

See you soon.

Love you.

Sincerely and Love, Lizzy.

Week 10- The Last “Blogging Challenge” Post

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Hey guys, this is McKenzie here with the last “blogging challenge” post Screenshot 2016-05-17 at 2.29.58 PM.  But, this is going to be one of my best, and long blogs. Okay, so let’s get started!

I am evaluating my own blog. Okay. So. I really like my blog and think it’s really good. I use time and effort so much on every blog I write, and I love writing them. Evaluating the “blogging challenge”. So, I love the blogging challenge. I enjoy it and it helped me learn everything I am today in my writing. I am so greatful and excited for this challenge, and the blog I have made for this site. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH PEOPLE HOW MADE THIS BLOGGING CHALLENGE.

This is now a audit of my blog since March 2016

1. How many posts did you write

Answer: 11 posts for this new year

2. How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

Answer: All eleven were mostly school based. They were set by the challenge too.

3. How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

Answer: 16 altogether. A few was mine and then the rest was either classmates, or overseas students/teachers.

4. Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

Answer: I have three that has three comments each. My About Me, Our Food/Culture in Oregon, and “Sound of The Violin”. I commented on some of these probably, but I got these because these were ones that I spent so much time on and effort.

5. Which post did you enjoy the most and why?

Answer: I have two actually. I liked writing my “Being a Veterinarian”, and my “Sound of The Violin”. I liked these because “Being a Veterinarian” tells what I have a passion about my life and what I want to be when I grow up. The “Sound of The Violin” because it’s another passion of mine, I love to play the violin, and it’s a hobby ;).

6. Did you change blog themes at all and why?

Answer: Yes, of course. I did, but I am keeping it like this because I love it and it is Patchwork. I have a cat at the beginning header and then Nala, from Lion King for the background.

7. How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

Answer: I have nine widgets, and I think this is plenty for a blog like mine. You don’t want to have a overload of widgets, it really distracts the reader on your blog.

8. How many overseas student do you have on your blogroll?

Answer: I do not have any. I only have five of my friends on my “friends” list.

9. Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?

Answer: Compfight, BunnyHeroLabs, and Revolver Maps.

I am know asking my dad if he can do an audit of my blog. He said he had to go outside for a few, but then he came back in. So, this is it.

1. What were your first impressions of this blog?

Answer: Well put together/organized.

2. What captured your attention?

Answer: The pictures.

3.What distracted you on the blog?

Answer: The Border.

4.What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

Answer: Slim down the border, more nature pictures (real), and yeah.

Thanks dad.

Now this is the last little things. Then I’ll wrap it up.

1. The most interesting challenge for you.

A: I really didn’t have any challenges. I mean, it was really easy for me. So yep.

2. How often you visited other blogs and left comments.

A: Every week. Everyday almost.

3. Whether you read the challenge flipboard magazine

A: Yes. I do all the time.

4. A PMI or plus/minus/interesting point about the challenge.

A: I liked it. It really helps with writing and everything. I do not have any minus for the challenge.

5. The most important thing you learnt while doing the challenge

A: Writing skills. I love writing, and I will continue to write. Even on my blog if it’s not the challenge! I also learned not to not take your time and effort. It really helped.

Anyways guys. That’s it. I know, I know. I will be writing on my blog about stuff I do and poetry. I’ll miss you guys too! Love You Guys! Blog to You Later! McKenzie OUT! <3

Sound of the Violin

¨Sound of the Violin¨

By McKenzie Kephart


Walking up on the stage

With billions watching.

Everyone silent and waiting

For me to play the

Beautiful sound of wonders.

I stare out and strike the

Bow to the violin, the sound

Of the strings playing, the

Nervousness goes through my

Spine while playing. I

Calm down, go into my

Place of thoughts and play

Like I never have before,

Remembering backstage that

The rosin touching the bow

Hairs, grabbing the bow

At the beginning of the show,

And that last minute, I

Realize the crowd is

Going wild, I strike the

Violin one more time

With the sound of nature.

“The Sound of the Beach”

The Sound of the Beach

By McKenzie7pm

The sounds crashing upon shore, with all people running and laying, and even surfing through out the beach. Sand running up against your body, and salt-water rushing upon your feet trying to take you with it. Looking in the distance away in the ocean, only seeing 2.9 miles. The boaters going along fishing and the dangers of sharks, and other creatures who lay on the bottom shore. The smell of the sand and salt go through your body and out, running through the sand in time, and seeing the sight of the waves crashing upon shore.

Week 9- Being a Veterinarian

Sick Kittens at the VetCreative Commons License Jennifer C. via Compfight

Hello guys! Today I am here with Week 9, and it’s a good one. Today, well, I am actually going to talk about my future. Well, you may be wondering what my future will look like, but, well, this post is about it! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy reading one of my blogs, because, it’s almost going to a end, well not really though!! Anyways, read more into my future!

My future starts of with going to school. This includes High School and College. I really want to go to Marist High School for High School. Then after that I am going to go to Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. That means I am going to be away from my family for at least five/six years, but I will still be able to see them! Anyways, yeah. I am a huge Beaver fan and that’s why I want to go to Oregon State, and then my family (except my mom) really wants me to go to Marist High. I most likely to be sharing a dorm/apartment with my best friend Nicole. Well, that’s if she goes their. I can’t wait to see everything so cool in college!

Now, when I am older I am probably going to open or work in my own veterinarian clinic. Yes! That’s it. When I grow up, I really want to become a veterinarian for small animals, especially cats! My life involves so much cats, and, well, I want to help them, including other little pets. One thing that I might do is open a veterinarian clinic in Oakridge Oregon, which is where my dad lives because they used to have one in the uphill side of town, and it closed down, and there is a whole bunch of little animals up their! So yeah. I kind of also want to live in the country, kind of in the middle of Lowell Oregon and Oakridge, but mostly Oakridge. So, future, here I come!

Well, guys, that’s it for this post. If you guys have any questions to ask me, ask me in the comments. Now my question, what do you guys want to be when you grow up? Well, okay. Hit that ending phrase! Blog to you later! McKenzie OUT!

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Week 8- Game Time!

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Hey guys! Today I am here with Week 8, and this one is a fun one. You go to people’s blogs and comment on them, and then keep going to three blogs. But, you know me. I am going to do more than three comments. Okay, so, let’s get started!!

On my blog I have a wonderful person who comments on my blog posts. Her name is Damianne. She is an IT teacher at an international school in Czech Republic, she works at an elementary school also. I got her blog URL’s and she has two blogs, on she doesn’t really update and one she does update almost all the time. Her two blogs are Journey with Technology and Experiences and Reflections. I really like them because, first, she’s a teacher and it’s neat, and second, it’s really well done blog. One of the things I saw on her second blog was something about Ireland, which I am Scotsirish and I am happy about it. Anyways, please go check out her blog(s), they are so AWESOME!

Now, I went for something different on this. I went to a classblog in Texas, called Mrs. Buttler’s class blog 2015-2016. I really like this classblog because it is well organised. It has different periods of the day through-out school. Anyways, there is a lot, but I want you guys to go check out her classblog to learn more.

From Mrs. Buttler’s blog, I found Emma Beth’s blog. I read her favorite place. She described how the beach is to her, and she loves it. She also thinks that the beach is the coolest place on Earth. Anyways, I really like it. She also has a little thing in it that say “smell of salt in the air and sand in your hair.” I have a tank-top that says that- Salt in the air and sand in my hair. Anyways, again, please go check out Emma’s blog please!

Same from Mrs. Buttler’s classblog, if found Kaitlin’s Blog. I read about her about me and learned a lot about her. I learned that she is twelve (maybe thirteen now) and she does sports. One sport she plays is swimming, and I love to swim, even if i’m not on a team or anything. Anyways if you want to read the paragraph more, go to the link ‘about me’ at the second sentence. Also, please go check out her blog!

The last blog I looked at from Mrs. Buttler’s classblog was Evan’s Blog. I looked through his blog and saw one that really catched my eye- his favorite place. It is Cabo San Lucas. It looks very be-u-tiful, and enjoyable. He really just talks about the swimming in the Cabo San Lucas, and what fun things you can do their. Anyways, again, please go check his blog about his favorite place!

Anyways, this is the wrap up paragraph. Please, I beg you all who read this, to check out these wonderful blogs. Anyways, yeah. Blog to you later! McKenzie OUT!


Week 6- Our food/culture in Oregon

Mic Check 1 2 3 Scott Norris via Compfight

Hey guys! Mckenzie here with the Week 6 blog post. For the Week 6, there are a few options. I chose option one, a popular food, song, stories, or clothing in your country. I chose from that option a popular songs. Yes, songs. In our days there are radios in cars, phones, radio stations. It is a whole new world of technology. Some of the websites on phones and radios are 104.7 KDUK with some of the new hits, Spotify where you can add songs to your list, Pandora with stations, and of course, Youtube! Me personally, I like all of them except Pandora, yes you can hate me, but it’s confusing and annoying. I use Spotify and Youtube the most. OMG! McKenzie, you are going of task (don’t go into what songs you like the most!) Anyways, a lot of people like different song types, like pop, rap, country, and orchestral. A lot of people like pop though (today’s hits). Now here are some of the new hit songs that people (maybe) like;

  • Hello by Adele
  • Stressed Out by twenty one pilots
  • What Do You Mean? by Justin Bieber
  • 7 Years by Lukas Graham
  • Stitches by Shawn Mendes
  • One Call Away by Charlie Puth
  • No by Meghan Trainer
  • Company by Justin Bieber
  • Sorry by Justin Bieber
  • The Hills by The Weekend
  • Hotline Bling by Drake
  • Pillowtalk by Zayn
  • I Took A Pill in Ibiza by Mike Posner
  • Me Myself and I by G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha
  • My House by Flo Rida

Okay guys. Well that’s mostly it of this post. So, what is your favorite song? Sorry if I didn’t put another really good song on this, I just thought these were the best. Well, Blog to You Later! McKenzie OUT!

Week 5- Sounds/Images

Hey guys! Here with another blog post! This blog post is the one that is choice number 4. This includes me telling a story about kind of something to relate to this picture below the picture. Hope you guys enjoy this! Here we go!

Dusk G. DAWSON via Compfight


“Are we there yet Kiara?”

“No, so calm down please. I know that the lake is down here somewhere, but we have to cross the rocks and hills first.”

“Well okay” says Sarah

Our group; me, Sarah, Cody, and Phe (short for Pheliox) walk along the edge of the rocks searching for the lake. I pull up my backpack realizing we are going the wrong way. I look at the group, looking at my brother Phe, who is looking down the about 50 feet cliff we are walking along. I stop and wait. I look around.

“Everything alright Kiara?” says Phe

“Yep, just taking a break”.

I lied. I sat down and grabbed my water and took a sip. I scooted toward the edge and looked down.


I look at him and shake my head.

“I’m not going to fall. I am just looking, nothing is going to happen to me, so you don’t have to worry about me. Okay?”

He nods his head and I get up and start walking more down the trail. We have been walking for about five hours and still have not got their. I know we took a wrong turn with the fork in the trail. I realize then we might be able to get their instead of turning back and walking another hour back. I reach back into my backpack into my little cup holder thing and grab my map. I look at it and it says their is another fork in the trail about two hours away. I put my head down in disappointment and then put my map back. I then think in my head ‘could we possibly go down the 50 feet cliff and then take a shortcut down their?’. I then look down.

“Hey guys…. do you think we could get down their?”

“Um, no” says Cody.

Everybody nods their head. Then I shake my head to respond to them. We walk about another 30 minutes and then the trail becomes really narrow.

“Be careful guys, it’s really narrow” says Sarah

Everyone gets in kind of tip-toe walks in the narrow trail. Then suddenly Cody starts to trip and catches himself, whoo. That would of been bad. What happens if someone tripped and fell over the cliff? It would be all my fault. Well, now I cannot let anything happen to anyone, because something could happen to me if they fell.

“Okay Kiara, can we turn back? I’m scared” says Cody

“No, we are almost there?”

“Why does it sound like you’re questioning that saying?”

I shrug my shoulders.

I walk a little further and th-

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” I yell while falling and trying to grab onto the cliff.

“KIARA!!!!!!!” everyone yells.

Well, guys how did you like it? Was it good for you? Well, it’s ok if it isn’t, but now it’s your turn! If you are like ‘Hey! I have a great idea to add to that!’ Well, do it! Leave down in the comments what you could think or you think about what should happen. Also, a tip is this story does belong to me, I did make it and spent time on it writing it and do not want anyone to steal my idea. Well, that’s it for now. Blog to you later! McKenzie OUT!